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1. Proper squats below parallel.

2. 10 years of consistent training.

3. Strength then size then conditioning.

4. EVERYONE wants muscles.

5. Fat is unhealthy.

6. Too skinny is unhealthy.

7. Balanced strength and development is the key.

8. Arnold and Bill Kazmaier never used bands or chains.

9. The best physiques were built in the 50's, 60's and 70's.

10. Read, digest, experiment.

11. Ego training will get you injured.

12. There's always someone stronger.

13. If you just used Bill Starr's training programs for your whole lifting life you'd be set.

14. Lifting gurus - don't get me started.

15. If someone doesn't practice what they preach then don't listen to them.

16. Beware of the genetic freak.

17. Add weight to bodyweight exercises.

18. 300, 400, 500 is still pretty rare in most gyms.

19. Strict Military Pressing your bodyweight overhead is a worthy goal.

20. Full range of motion please.

21. Forget superslow or time under tension.

22. Supplements are generally inferior to this thing called food.

23. Getting big for the sake of it is stupid.

24. Girls train harder than men.

25. The gym should be treated like a dojo, with respect.

26. The old guy still squatting, pressing and pulling probably knows a thing or two.

27. A man will never be stronger than a gorilla.

28. Lifting weights will get you bigger, stronger, faster, fitter and slimmer, quicker than any other form of training.

29. Nobody cares about your training.
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